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Qlocktwo Touch Clock

The Qlocktwo Touch is a 5-inch by 5-inch desktop alarm clock that has a distinctive way of displaying the time. A matrix of seemingly random letters turn on and off to show the time with written words. The words are illuminated with LEDs that shine through a precision-cut aluminum block. In addition, the front plate of the clock is removable and can be replaced with a series of different colored plates, including red, blue, green, and purple. The shape is purely modern, with clean lines and an elegant aluminum base. The written-word time is displayed to the nearest 5 minutes and the four corners of the clock have dots that light up to get the precision down to the single minute.

This version is the smaller desktop version, but there is also a large wall version and a wristwatch. In addition to numerous colors, the faceplates come in a variety of languages.

At $599 for the desktop version and $1000 for the wall clock, this is clearly not the gift for a bargain hunter. There is no reason to fret because the clock is available for $1 as an Android App or an iOS App.

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