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The LEGO Architect by Tom Alphin

The LEGO Architect is a fascinating book by Tom Alphin. This is a great book for architects who once played with LEGOs and perhaps want to get back into LEGOs with a bit more of an architectural style.

The book comes on the heels of the popular LEGO Architecture Studio, but this book allows people to build a number of amazing historical buildings by purchasing their own pieces. The book starts with an introduction on the history of architecture and then jumps into a series of different architectural styles. Each style has a description, photos of important historical buildings, and then instructions on how to build a LEGO version of a building in that style.

Each LEGO building project in the book starts with a piece list and then goes into a series of instructional photos that describe how to put the pieces together. It is important to note that these projects are not exact replicas, but instead are LEGO projects based on and inspired by important buildings in each style.

This would make for a great coffee-table book or as a gift for the LEGO enthusiast.

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