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Magnetic Tie Tack

For the tie-wearing architect, the "Conversation Starter" Tie Mag might just be the perfect gift. This is not your standard tie tack - it will not pierce your tie with an annoying hole. This tie tack uses magnets to keep your tie securely fastened. The brilliant design will not ruin your ties!

The "Conversation Starter" is a nicely sized pyramid shape that is adorned with a running-bond brick pattern. This makes it relevant to architects. What is also great is that, when positioned correctly, the Tie Mag will keep your tie held nicely to your shirt - that means your tie won't get in the way when you lean over a desk. Your favorite tie won't ever fall into your lunch - no more tucking your tie into your shirt or throwing it over your shoulder!

The Tie Mag is the perfect accessory for a stylish architect.

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