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How to Architect by Doug Patt

Architects have lots of pet-peeves. One of them is when people use the word architect as a verb (and don't even get us started about information architects). However, we love the ironic title of Doug Patt's book, How to Architect. Patt, an architect, starts the book by saying that he likes to misuse the word architect as a verb because it is much like how architects should strive to break rules when they are designing - sometimes when rules are broken, great things happen.

A great thing happened with the book, which provides one architectural word per chapter and follows with some background on the topic plus some wonderful images to help describe the word. This book would be great for a student or new architect. It is also a great gift for an experienced architect who needs a bit of humor in their work day or perhaps they need to rediscover why they became and architect in the first place. Get a chuckle when they see the title and then let them enjoy the jokes, images, and lessons throughout this great book.

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