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Google Cardboard Kit by D-scope Pro

Google Cardboard is an interesting project that allows people to use their smartphones to experience a 3-dimensional video environment without the expensive and bulky equipment that was needed in the past. The project is relatively young and their aren't many apps out there beyond some games and animations, but this is an area that will definitely interest architects.

The potential is amazing for architects and designers to develop 3-dimensional animations of their projects. Clients can quickly experience a building in virtual reality by dropping their phone into these pre-cut headsets. This article explains how to make and upload a 3D Studio Max Photosphere.

While this is still a bit of a gimmick, we think there is some potential. If your architect is the experimenting type and is handy with the computer, they might find this to be an amazing gift.

If you are looking for a more robust and sturdy set of glasses, check out this plastic pair.

Learn more about Google Cardboard.

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