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CAD Monkey T-Shirt

Every architect has to pay their dues when they head out into the real world after school. One of those dues is to spend eight or more hours per day sitting in front of a computer screen drawing someone else's design for a new building - we call it, "picking up red-lines." Even when you advance, the next step is drawing stair or bathroom details for hours every day. Being an architect isn't as glamorous as Mike Brady made it look.

The pet-name that junior architects give themselves during this phase of their career is CAD Monkey or CAD Jockey. While we have moved from CAD (computer aided design) to BIM (building information modelling), the term CAD Monkey is still in wide use in architecture offices around the world.

This is a great gift for an architecture student or new graduate, but it is a good idea to make sure they have a solid sense of humor. If you have heard your architect make a joke about being a CAD Monkey, this may be a perfect graphic t-shirt for them.

This T-shirt is also available in a women's fit, among other styles.

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