Whiskey Sipping Stones

Soapstone is known to hold temperature for extended periods of time, so they make the perfect cubes to use for keeping your drink cool without watering it down like ice cubes. Any whiskey or bourbon drinker who likes their spirit "neat" yet wants to lower the temperature slightly will appreciate this gift. This is a perfect item to present at a house-warming or dinner party.

These stones, nine in all, come with a bag so that they can be kept together cleanly in the freezer. The stones are soft, but are non-porous so they won't scratch your glass and they won't take on the flavor, which will make sure your drink stays pure - and any aficionado knows that you need to keep the flavors pure if you want to truly enjoy beverage to its fullest.

It is important to note that these stones will not chill a drink like ice cubes. They simply lower the temperature a few degrees without adding any water or flavor to the drink. These are perfect for whisky, bourbon, or any other drink that needs a slight chill.

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