Titanium Fisher Bullet Space Pen

Fisher has been making their Bullet pen since 1948 so you know it is the real deal. But you may be asking why this is such a great pen for an architect. There are a number of reasons.

First, the inventive design allows the pen to fit nicely in your pocket - is is only 3 3/4" long when closed. However, remove the cap and place it on the back end and you now have a pen that is perfectly balanced and measures 5 1/4" long, which is about the same length as a normal pen. Another great feature is that the ink cartridge is pressurized, so you can write with the pen upside down. This comes in handy out in the field where you have to use walls, columns, or ceilings as your writing surface. It is named the Space Pen because it will work in zero gravity and has been used by NASA during their space missions.

Perhaps as important as the functionality are the aesthetics of this pen. While it comes in a variety of finishes, we prefer the black titanium nitride version, which has a subtle black finish that is incredibly durable. This is definitely one of the coolest pens we have seen.

The Fisher Space Pen Company offers engraving of their entire line of pens. You can customize the 400BTN at their website.

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