Piano: Complete Works 1966-2014

Piano: Complete Works 1966-2014 represents an amazing value for the collector of architectural monographs. For less than $50 you get over 600 pages of photos, sketches, drawings, and explanatory text! Not to mention, this is Renzo Piano, one of most popular and well known architects or our time. Philip Jodidio (author) and Taschen (publisher) have teamed up again to provide a beautiful and complete history of a master architect.

Renzo Piano is a modern master. His work is exceptionally beautiful and well thought out. He is an expert in the detail and this monograph provides plenty of photos, sketches, and drawings of those details. We are also big fans of Piano's sketches and drawings, where he uses black lines with subtle splashes of color to provide emphasis. There is also just the right amount of text to describe the project and the design intent.

This is a beautiful book full of great content. We think every architect would love to own a copy.

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