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Natural Wood Watch

For some reason, architects love watches - especially watches that are interesting. This natural wood watch (yes, it is real wood) will definitely make a statement and will be a talking point for anyone who wears it. The watch is made and manufactured by WeWood, an eco-friendly company that will plant a tree for every watch they sell. The wood for this particular watch comes from the scraps that result from making wood flooring. In addition, the watch is all natural and doesn't have any toxic chemicals or treatments that affect the environment or the wearer.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about a natural product, such as this watch, is that each one is inherently unique. While they are all made to the same shape, the grain patterns and exact color on each watch will vary slightly. Essentially, every watch is one-of-a-kind.

We think this is a great gift for an architect who loves watches or who is interested in environmentally friendly products and materials. There is a great story behind this wooden watch – we hope you find it as great to wear and show off.

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