Cubebot Guthrie

The Cubebot is a wooden toy that is part robot and part puzzle. The cherry wood is held together with sturdy elastic ligaments that allow you to create unlimited poses. When not in use, one can easily fold the Cubebot into a compact (you guessed it) 2 1/2" cube! Guthrie stands 7" tall and has a basketball-player-like wingspan of 10". Forget about those small, plastic toy robots; this wooden toy will keep both children and adults entertained for hours.

The Cubebot is designed by David Weeks, a designer of many modern accessories, furniture, and other home goods. The toy is inspired by Japanese wooden puzzles. This is the type of toy that an architect or designer can support.

Other versions of the large toy include the the Julien Cubebot and the original, which is simply named Cubebot.

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