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Blade Runner Blu-ray 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition

Blade Runner is a cyber-punk thriller set in 2019 Los Angeles. Starring Harrison Ford, it is the story of the human fight against Replicants, or human clones created to improve labor in colonies outside Earth. The fight culminates with a lesson in what it means to be human.

The movie is interesting to architects because of the urban struggle between humans and technology. In addition, the visuals of the future city are both amazing and concerning. Architects feel an obligation to move humanity forward and Blade Runner serves as a warning about what can happen when technology advances to the point where it can outwit humans. Blade Runner is shown in architecture schools and should be on the shelf of every architect.

This 30th Anniversity Trailer from Warner Brothers showcases some of the many futuristic urban scenes that will appeal to architects:

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