Architects' Sketchbooks by Will Jones

Architects love to sketch. Architects also love to look at sketches. This book is full of sketches from some very well-known architects (Norman Foster, Will Alsop, Elemental, Office dA, and Carlos Jiménez), but it also has fascinating sketches from lesser-known architects. This book is sure to have an architect thinking about their own particular style and will encourage them to get back to the sketchbook if they have been away for a while.

Architects' Sketchbooks was put together by Will Jones and has 352 pages of beautiful hand drawings (and other mixed media). Many are in color, some are black-and-white, but all of them are wonderful expressions of the creative process that architects go through to create the built environment. Each group of sketches is accompanied by a short description of the architect's process, which provides a lot of context to the inamgery.

There is plenty of eye candy here. However, the collection is more than just a book of pretty sketches - there is a wide variety with plenty of opportunity to learn from the sketches of others.

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