1000 Architectural Details

The full title of this book is, 1000 Architectural Details: A Selection of the World's Most Interesting Building Elements. We would prefer that the subtitle be, "Inspiration for a Stuck Architect." Authors Alex Vidiella, Julio Fajardo, and Sergi Duran have created a compilation of architectural elements from around the world. This book will help un-stuck an architect looking for some help during the design process.

This book is chock full of photos of various architectural elements - from stair railings to entire facades. There are close to 300 pages and each has a few images plus a brief description of each image. We say images because there are photos, sketches, and technical drawings - lots of really great imagery to provide endless inspiration to an architect.

The book is separated into 15 chapters so you can jump straight to the kind of element you need - Structure, Facades, Roofs and Decks, Horizontal and Vertical Connections, Enclosure, Finishes, etc. There are also chapters that focus on sustainability and new technologies. Finally, there are two chapters on exterior elements: Water Features and Landscape Design. There is something here for every architect.

This is a great book to have on the shelf at the office for those moments when you are struggling for that creative spark. Sometimes all it takes is an image to get your creative energy flowing - this book has plenty of great images to help set off that spark.

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